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Bing is Copying Google

Fascinating article about how Google set up a sting to prove that Bing was using it's search results. It seems a little sinister that Microsoft are riding on Google's expertise in order to compete with them, and how many IE users realize their data is being used this way? Big brother is indeed watching:

The only reason these pages appeared on Google was because Google forced them to be there. There was nothing that made them naturally relevant for these searches. If they started to appeared at Bing after Google, that would mean that Bing took Google’s bait and copied its results.

This all happened in December. When the experiment was ready, about 20 Google engineers were told to run the test queries from laptops at home, using Internet Explorer, with Suggested Sites and the Bing Toolbar both enabled. They were also told to click on the top results. They started on December 17. By December 31, some of the results started appearing on Bing.


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